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Scorpio: The shell is stripped away, and beady red eyes lead the form of a Cicada as it pushes forth and cracks through the carapace. With golden wings and armored skin, no foes can penetrate her armor, if she can even be found. I can hear them. I hear them as the sun heats the earth. I feel them in their absence. I know they are near, though rarely seen. Even rarer have I met them - and lucky, for it is never a pleasant affair to be met with fits of screaming, wailing, and gnashing of mandibles. Is that too intense? That's Scorpio for you! Scorpio rips out the superficial and digs up the truth. The true self I search for every day is not easy to find. As seasons change, I feel this growth. At times, it hurts deeply. My perception of the universe is eviscerated with each change. The ground cracks and is crushed into new earth. My chest, my heart shriek in agony as this new ground is broken, revealing yet more wounds, and yet more labor in their healing. The raw, fresh Earth tearing from me all that I cling to, ordering my relinquishment of them for growth to began anew. Peonies represent the soft vulnerability of the soul. The Venus Fly Trap grasps and consumes, never letting go. "I want you all to myself...forever" says the Fly Trap. The leaves are dying with the changing seasons, as Mars and Pluto watch from the heavens.