Capricorn Card (Scuffed)

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Item has small imperfection on front of the card.

Capricorns are impossible creatures. I once saw footage online of an Ibex posed atop a house, its hooves tightly positioned on the corners of the home's narrow chimney. And I just laughed because isn't that Capricorn!

Once fixed on which peak to climb Capricorn is invincible. The Ibex's horns mirror the rings of Saturn in the sky, Capricorn’s ruling planet. Barnacles crawl up his neck, evidence of decades of slow and steady routine, which have yieleded the reward of black onyx, African violets, ivy, and philodendron leaves, all quiet symbols of Capicorn's signature understated opulence. Cradled alongside these prizes are withering white roses, blood seeping from their thorns, warning of the inevitable decay from extended stagnancy, one of Capricorn's fatal flaws. But even this morbid reminder forms a decorative wreath with its own grotesque elegance; does Capricorn secretly prefer it this way?

Perhaps, but even greater mountain peaks wait to be climbed in the distance as the constellation beckons from top of the sky. Soon, Capricorn will shake off the mantle of death and decay and seek new heights yet again.